Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

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A Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) is a method for conducting an in-depth review of how data is collected and managed for a program or project. It asks questions about the collection, use, sharing, security and access controls for data. It also asks for information about policies, training and documentation that govern use of the technology and data collected. The PIA responses are used to determine privacy risks associated with a project as well as ways to reduce some or all of those risks. The City of Seattle has committed to publishing all PIAs on an outward facing website for public access.

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Seattle Channel RPAS


Seattle Channel RPAS PIA

Seattle Channel RPAS Policy

SPU CC FlashCam 

12/09/2022 SPU CC FlashCam PIA

ECM Utility Assisstance Program Automation

2020  ECM Utility Assisstance Program Automation PIA

Short Term Rentals - FAS

2020 Short Term Rentals  PIA

SPD: LobbyGuard

1/10/2020 LobbyGuard PIA

DEEL: Child Information and Provider System 

8/26/2019 CHIPS PIA

Seattle Parks and Recreation - ACTIVE Net

8/6/2019 ACTIVE Net PIA

Transportation Regulation Improvement Project

4/12/2019 TRIP PIA

Democracy Voucher Portal

4/12/2019 Democracy Voucher PIA

SenSource People Counters

4/12/2019 SPR SenSource People Counters PIA

Bikeshare Program

10/5/2018 Bikeshare Program PIA

ePACT Network

9/17/2018 ePACT Network

Pay Station Replacement Project

8/27/2018 Pay Station Replacement Project PIA

Axon Capture

8/9/2018 Axon Capture PIA

Building Tune Ups

3/1/2018 Building Tune Ups Project PIA
Next Generation Records Management Project 12/7/2017 NRMS PIA
Real Time Crime Center Project 12/6/2017 Real Time Crime PIA
Downtown Parks Pedestrian Counters 9/28/2017 Pedestrian Counters PIA
Child Care Nutrition Program 6/1/2017 Nutrition Program PIA
Seattle City Light Advanced Metering Initiative (AMI) 4/12/2017 AMI PIA
AMI PIA - Question 3 Attachment
AMI PIA - Considerations
Volunteer Management System Project 4/4/2017 Volunteer Management PIA
Online Monthly Sales Project 1/1/2017 Monthly Parking Sales PIA
RideAlong 10/31/2016 RideAlong PIA

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