Seattle's Self-Care Spotlight

Seattle's Self-Care Spotlight 

Seattle Human Resources (SHR) is launching "Seattle’s Self-Care Spotlight," a citywide week of well-being activities, webinars, resources, and podcasts to support employees.  

Self-care is not one-size-fits-all and it crosses dimensions of well-being. Self-care can be physical, emotional, social, or general habits to help you restore energy and thrive.  

With the "Self-Care Spotlight," we aim to: 

  • Define self-care & explore how it looks different for everyone 
  • Normalize self-care as a necessary practice for all 
  • Provide activities and education that encourage employees' self-care choices
  • Share the benefits of self-care and acknowledge the harms of deprioritizing personal well-being

September – Focusing on Self-Care in the Workplace

Self-care time has traditionally been reserved for outside work hours—something you do in your free time to replenish your energy and well-being. 

But self-care is changing. Finding ways to weave moments of self-care throughout your day is more beneficial than leaving the “you” time for later. Self-care is a way to remind yourself that you are a person before an employee. Practicing self-care at work as part of a regular routine is an important part of combating feelings of stress and building resilience.  

Materials to support self-care at work this month.

On-Demand Recorded Webinars

New! Self-Care and Well-Being Podcasts

Check out the podcast library below for self-care & well-being content in a convenient shorter format. A new learning tool for webinar summaries and skill-building tips. You can listen FREE at your convenience. Podcasts range from 8-15 minutes and offer a new way to engage in the City’s self-care theme. (Available only to employees.)

Self-care Spotlight Awareness Week

Self-Care Through Nourishment

Self-Care Resources Hub 

Medical Plan Resources 

Reach Well-Being Program* 

man at the beach

*Available for members on the Most benefits plan 
Accolade Advocacy Services – Self-Care Support* 

Accolade Health Assistants are a helpful resource in finding in-network care when you need it. Self-care might mean scheduling your preventive screenings, making an appointment with a mental health provider, or staying on top of your medications. Whatever it means for you, Accolade is available to make navigating healthcare easier. 


Cornerstone – Self-Care Learning and Development 

Weight Watchers 

Starting and maintaining positive eating habits is one way to practice physical self-care to ensure your body is nourished and has the foods that provide energy.   

  • Talk Back to Negative Self-Talk. WeightWatchers focuses on the healthy mindset this month in observance of Mental Health Awareness. People who practice self-compassion are less likely to give up after a setback. Join WeightWatchers, today and access a program built for real life and designed to provide community support for ups, downs, and setbacks. Sign up for as low as $8.48 per month* on select plans by visiting

Other Community-Based Resources 

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