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The Fire and Police Exams Unit is located within the Seattle Department of Human Resources (SDHR). Our primary function is to develop and administer merit-based entry-level and promotional exams under the direction of the Public Safety Civil Service Commission (PSCSC), on behalf of the Seattle Police and Fire Departments, and in accordance with State Law and City Ordinance.  We strive to administer exams that are equitable, compliant, and transparent. 

Current City of Seattle public safety employees can find more information about promotional exams, registers, and other updates on the Public Safety Civil Service Commission website. Existing Fire and Police uniformed personnel can learn more about the exam development and administration process by watching this video. (Please note: the video link is only accessible to existing City of Seattle employees). 

Interested in becoming a Seattle Police Officer?

The Seattle Police Department offers two opportunities to become a police officer: entry-level hire and lateral hire. More detailed information about the hiring process can be found here. Entry-level police officer candidates are candidates that have not worked full time for other municipal, county, or state police agencies for at least 24 consecutive months in the past 36 months. Most entry-level police officers will be joining a police department for the first time in their career.

Lateral Police Officer candidates are experienced police officers who have worked full time for other municipal, county, or state police agencies for at least 24 consecutive months in the past 36 months (post academy). If you are currently a police officer but do not meet the experience requirements, it is possible you may qualify to test as an exceptional entry candidate with entry-level candidates.

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Interested in becoming a Seattle Firefighter?

The Seattle Fire Department offers one option for becoming a Seattle Firefighter, through the entry-level firefighter hiring process.  More detailed information about the hiring process can be found here.  This process typically occurs every two years, based on department need.

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Development Opportunities

Seattle Police Explorers

Seattle Police Explorers are young individuals age 14 to 21 that are interested in learning more about a career in policing by experiencing, firsthand, how Police Officers do their jobs. During monthly meetings, explorers learn about a variety of policing topics and skills, from learning how to investigate narcotics violations or homicides to directing traffic or security work. Explorers also make in-person visits to such units as K-9 and Harbor Patrol. Learn more about the Seattle Police Explorers Program here.  

Seattle Fire Cadet Program

Youth and young adults interested in learning more about becoming a firefighter are encouraged to participate in the Seattle Fire Cadet Program.  Entry-level firefighter candidates are individuals seeking to become firefighters.  The Seattle Fire Cadet Program is comprised of two groups, Company 511 and Senior Cadet. Company 511 is specifically for ages 15 to 20 whereas Senior Cadets consist of those age 19+. Both programs offer those seeking a career as Seattle Firefighter to learn more about the career with a different set of goals depending on the cadet programs. Learn more about the Seattle Fire Cadet Program here

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