Rules: Source of Income Protections

SHRR 110-010. Alternative Source of Income - Verifiable Income - Meaning of Confirmed

  1. "Confirmed" means that there is written proof that identifies the source of the income and that shows either the amount of income or that the income has been received by the applicant. This proof can consist of a single document or multiple documents. If an individual has multiple documents which together show the amount of income or the receipt of income, at least one of the written documents must specify the source of income.

SHRR 110-020. Subtraction of Section 8 or Subsidy from Monthly Rent - Short Term Subsidies

  1.  Per SMC 14.08.040(F)(1), the monthly payment of the short-term subsidy must be subtracted from the total of the monthly rent.
  • a. The monthly subsidy amount shall not be prorated over a longer period of time.
  • b. The calculation shall not be for months in the lease beyond the time period of the subsidy.