Hand Carry Boat Launches Views


Richey Viewpoint runs parallel to Beach Drive SW roughly from Alki Point to 63rd Ave. SW, and includes Constellation Park and an area of Marine Reserve at the end of 63rd Ave. SW. There is a hand-carry boat ramp near the foot of the western stairway.

The artwork at Constellation Park and Marine Reserve, like that at Weather Watch Park and Cormorant Cove, was created by Lezlie Jane. A tidepool sculpture features starfish, snails, clams, and an octopus. Flanked by a glass mosaic, a tile interpretive wall-"The Intertidal World"-has text in Spanish and English. Its illustrations of intertidal flora and fauna, by artist Iris Nichols, include species that can be found on local beaches, such as bull kelp, red octopus, periwinkle, purple shore crab, heart cockle, moon snail, sand collar, and beach hopper. Please note also the metal constellation maps inlaid in the Beach Drive sidewalk.

When the tide is out, you can walk from here all the way around Alki Point to Alki Beach Park.