LGBTQ Advisory Council

Meetings: 1st Wednesday of the Month

Meeting location: 1620 12th Ave (12th Ave Arts building 2nd floor)
  • January 10th: 6 pm-8 pm (2nd Wednesday)
  • February 7th: 6 pm-8 pm
  • March 6th: 6 pm-8 pm
  • April 3rd: 6 pm-8 pm
  • May 1st: 6 pm-8 pm
  • June 5th: 6 pm-8 pm - Pride-related Safety
  • July 3rd: 6 pm-8 pm
  • August 7th: 6 pm-8 pm
  • September 4th: 6 pm-8 pm
  • October 2nd: 6 pm-8 pm
  • November 6th: 6 pm-8 pm
  • December 4th: 6 pm-8 pm
  • January 8th: 6 pm-8 pm (2nd Wednesday)

About the Council

The LGBTQ Advisory Council to the Seattle Police Department (SPD) was created in 1997, and is one of ten councils that work collaboratively with the police. The Council was created to work with the Department on issues of concern, and to share insights and recommendations that could impact relationships between the Seattle Police Department and the community. Council members work together to create their own agendas, and strategize ways for making police services more responsive to the needs of the community.

Our Areas of Focus

  • Work with the SPD to improve public safety for the LGBTQ community.
  • Ensure open communication that builds trust between our communities and the SPD.
  • Work to eliminate phobias, ‘isms’, or negative stereotypes that exist within the LGBTQ community and the SPD with education, involvement, and positive interactions.
  • Integrate LGBTQ concerns and issues into the training and development of the SPD’s personnel, including recruitment from within the LGBTQ community.
  • Promote and encourage officer training with regard to cultural competency while expanding the community’s understanding of the practices and policies of the SPD.


Sue Rahr, Interim Chief of Police
Address: 610 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98104-1900
Mailing Address: PO Box 34986, Seattle, WA, 98124-4986
Phone: (206) 625-5011
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