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We are committed to providing fire and life safety education to Seattle’s diverse communities. If you are interested in meeting our firefighters and/or outreach and education team, please fill out the Community Visit and Tour Request Form. Please note, all requests need to be made at least four weeks in advance and not more than three months in advance. Minimum age for tours and visits is three.

Station tours and community visits are scheduled between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday – Sunday. During tours and visits, firefighters remain in-service, which means crews may need to end the visit or tour and respond to emergencies.  

Fire Station Tours

Station tours last approximately 20-30 minutes and include viewing the fire engine and equipment, talking to firefighters about their job and learning important fire safety tips. We can accommodate a maximum of 25 participants, including five chaperones (if children are in attendance). There must be one adult chaperone for every five children.

Requesting firefighters to visit your school

Schools may request a firefighter to visit their class. The minimum group size is 15 participants, and a maximum number of participants may be imposed depending on time and availability of fire department personnel.  A parking area must be provided where the fire engine/truck can get in and out quickly in the event of an emergency. One adult chaperone for every five children. 

Requesting firefighters to attend your community event or parade

Department participation can be requested for events that are open to the public, including health fairs, festivals and other educational events. Community event requests are scheduled as personnel are available. We participate in parades as schedules allow. We may need to work with organizers on special placement in the event we can only attend while in-service.

We do not participate in company-sponsored events or fundraisers, and do not host or attend birthday parties. 

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