Seattle Restored

The Seattle Office of Economic Development is partnering with Seattle Good Business Network and Shunpike to match small business owners and artists with vacant commercial storefronts to host pop-up shops and art installations.

We want to encourage people to visit downtown Seattle and other commercial areas to support local businesses and artists — particularly Black, Indigenous, and other entrepreneurs or artists of color. These projects also benefit neighborhoods and property owners by creating vibrant, engaging streetscapes.

A collage of 3 photos showing 3 different Seattle Restored Experience. Photo 1: A person shops for clothing in a pop-up space. Photo 2: a person walks past a window display featuring artwork. Photo 3: A person stands on the sidewalk next to a sandwich board with Seattle Restored branding that advertises their pop-up.

Seattle residents can apply for the following types of activations:

  • Pop-Up Shop – Run your own business in a vacant commercial space.
  • Art Installation – Exhibit and sell your artwork via QR code from a street-facing window display.
  • QR Code Window Shopping – Advertise and sell your products via QR code from a street-facing window display.
  • Collective Pop-Up Shop – Share space with other Seattle Restored participants in a collective retail marketplace.
  • Restaurant Pop-Up Residency – Run your own restaurant residency for one month in a vacant commercial space.

Visit the Seattle Restored website for more information about the program, upcoming events, and how to participate.

Visit Seattle Restored pop-up shops and art installations

Check out the Seattle Restored map to locate participating small businesses and experience the artwork from entrepreneurs and creatives selected for the program.

For more information and details on all participating pop-up shops and art installations, go to

A collage of 3 photos featuring different Seattle Restored participants. Photo 1: An artist stands next to an indoor art installation, a large format painting. Photo 2: A pop-up business owner smiles at the camera in front of a rack of fanny packs. Photo 3: A pop-up business owner hands a bag of clothing to a smiling customer.

The City of Seattle encourages everyone to participate in its programs and activities. For additional questions, translation or interpretation, technical assistance, disability accommodations, materials in alternate formats, or accessibility information, please contact the Office of Economic Development at (206) 684-8090 or

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