Rental Housing Program

The Seattle Office of Housing monitors multifamily properties with agreements through the Rental Housing Program. Owners and Property Managers are required to ensure that terms of the Agreements executed with the Office of Housing are compliant, including, but not limited to (refer to each Property’s documents) affordability restrictions, tenant income eligibility, property management and physical conditions of the Property. The information and documents provided on this website are tools to assist in meeting an Owner's obligations to provide affordable housing under this Program.

Office of Housing Asset Managers Assignments by Agency:  Assignments List 

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Renters: This page is intended for Owners and Property Management. Renters interested in applying for properties should review materials on the Office of Housing Find Housing page.  

Forms and information specific to properties with HOME Program units. See the Loan Agreement to confirm if the Property has HOME.  

HOME Annual Rent Increase Approval 
HOME Initial Occupancy Checklist 
HOME Lease Addendum 
VAWA Addendum (HUD-91067) 
HOME on HUD Exchange 
Compliance is HOME Rental Projects:  A Guide for Property Owners

Inspection Standards 

In October 2023 the Office of Housing, in line with other public funders, will be ceasing the use of the Uniform Physical Conditions (UPCS) and beginning to use HUD NSPIRE standards. More information will be provided as it comes available. See the HUD NSPIRE website for current information. 

Consent to Enter 

As recipients of public funding, affordable housing properties are subject to physical inspections and as part of this process your agency will have to ensure that proper notice is given, and consent is obtained prior to an inspection. Upon notification from the Office of Housing that a property will be subject to a physical inspection, it is recommended that property management staff promptly begin the process of delivering notice to residents of the scheduled physical inspection and obtaining consent. Typically, you will receive notification from the Office of Housing of a planned inspection at least four (4) weeks in advance of the actual inspection. At the time of the physical inspection, staff from the Office of Housing will rely on your staff's representation that the tenant household has consented to the inspection and will enter the unit. The Seattle Office of Housing and SDCI have created two resident notifications that comply with the provisions of SMC 22.206.180(F). If you have any questions regarding SMC 22.206.180(F)(1) please contact SDCI Code Compliance Section at (206) 684-5700. If you have any questions regarding the Seattle Office of Housing inspection process, please email the Asset Management team at  

Annual Reporting utilizes two systems for providing information to the Asset Management Team.  

Web-Based Annual Reporting System (WBARS) 

This online system can be accessed at and is used to submit Table 1, 2, 3 & 4. Training guides and videos are in the “Help” section (indicated with a “?”). Access is restricted to Owners, Property Management Agents who work for affordable housing Properties and participating Funders in Washington state. If access is needed, please start by contacting the Owner/Property Management Agent to ensure access is required for the duties being performed or reach out to your Office of Housing Asset Manager. 
SharePoint for Supplemental Materials Submission 

The Office of Housing Asset Management team utilizes SharePoint to receive documents for Annual Report. SharePoint access is restrictive and imperative Owner/Property Management staff request access.  

Annual Report Submission Instructions 


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