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The City of Seattle has a robust landscape of affordable housing options to support the housing needs of our community members.  The Office of Housing partners with owners and developers under various programs to develop housing that is income and rent restricted. In many cases other funders are also involved in the development or perseveration of affordable housing.
Each year, the Office of Housing monitors these Properties to ensure each are well maintained and occupied by income eligible households in accordance with the applicable program that supported the creation and operation of the properties.  This includes annual reports, property inspections, and in-depth files audits.  
While these programs are all operated through the Office of Housing, there are specific nuances attached to each program.  The industry standard is that an operator of a property must adhere to the most restrictive guidance across programs and funders. 

Rental Housing Program 
Thanks to the residents of Seattle who consistently support the Seattle Housing Levy, almost 20,000 affordable apartments are available throughout the city. These units are maintained as affordable for at least 50 years through contracts managed by the Office of Housing. Generally, properties funded through the Office of Housing have an income and rent restriction on every unit in the property.

Incentive Programs 
The Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE), Incentive Zoning and Mandatory Housing Affordability Programs, collectively the “Incentive Programs” are responsible for approximately 7,000 units of additional low to moderate income households for periods of affordability ranging from 12 to 50 years. Through these agreements, many market rate buildings have set aside roughly 20% of their units for income eligible households at varying affordable rates.  

Other Resources
The Office of Housing does not offer direct rent subsidy, but often works with the Seattle Housing Authority by supporting buildings that include various forms of Housing Assistance Payment contracts, such as Project-based Vouchers, Tenant-Based Vouchers and Public Housing.  For more information, please visit

For information on requirements set by other funders that the Office of Housing may partner with, visit their websites: 




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