Funding Opportunities

The Office of Housing releases funding for the preservation and production of affordable rental housing and permanently-affordable homeownership, as well as organization stabilization and other funding types throughout the year. These range from our annual Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) to Requests for Qualifications and Proposals for site-specific developments. Developers and operators of affordable housing can see the most up-to-date information on funding releases and timelines below. 

Funding Opportunity RFQ,RFP, or NOFA Release Date Rental Home-
Lake City Community Center: Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) and OH will invite developers to submit qualifications for the redevelopment of the Lake City Community Center (LCCC) into a vibrant new community center with space for recreational facilities, gathering spaces, programming, and services combined with safe, healthy, and affordable housing. In July 2024, qualified developers selected through the April 2024 RFQ will be invited to submit Requests for Proposals (RFP) for the redevelopment. RFQ and RFP RFQ:
April 12, 2024
July 29, 2024
Homeownership NOFA: Funding availability for homeownership projects that consist of the development of resale-restricted affordable homes. Homeownership developers will be invited to submit applications for funding for projects to create affordable homeownership opportunities with lasting affordability for low-income, first-time homebuyers in Seattle. NOFA August 2024 X
Rental Housing NOFA: Funding availability for the preservation and production of affordable rental housing located within Seattle city limits. Developers and operators will be invited to submit applications for funding for projects to create housing that is income- and rent-restricted to ensure that it is occupied by and affordable to eligible households. NOFA June 28, 2024 X

Current Funding Opportunities

2024 Rental Housing Notice of Funding Availability 

The Seattle Office of Housing is accepting proposals in Fall 2024 for the preservation and new construction of affordable, rental housing in the city of Seattle. This 2024 Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) describes the goals for our housing investments, lists resources available, highlights key policies, and outlines the application funding process.

The preservation and production of affordable housing is foundational for thriving and equitable communities. The 2024 NOFA seeks to fund projects that will address displacement, create, or preserve access to housing for people experiencing homelessness, and increase access to opportunity. The projects that OH funds will deliver quality, affordable housing for low-income individuals and families, our elders, and our neighbors who work full-time or multiple jobs and are still struggling to make ends meet.

This NOFA includes funding from local and federal sources, each of which has specific affordability restrictions and requirements. OH encourages all applicants to be familiar with the specific requirements of the available funding sources. At the time of the NOFA release, OH has up to $112 million available for awards.

Application Due: Thursday, September 12, 2024 at 12:00 noon.

2024 Fall Notice of Funding Availability 
Combined Table of Contents
Office of Housing Addendum 
Combined Funders Application – Narrative Questions and Required Attachments
Combined Funders Application – Project Workbook

NOFA Appendices 
Appendix A — 2024-2026 Housing Funding Policies (See: Rental Housing Program, Chapter II)
Appendix B — Developer Fee Schedule 
Appendix C — 2024 Income and Rent Limits 
Appendix D — Residential Prevailing Wage Rate Policy 
Appendix E — Housing Development Consortium Racial Equity Toolkit 


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