Pathways to Progress: Envisioning Healthier Streets in Seattle

Seattle envisions creating one or more 'Green & Healthy Streets' where transportation emits zero emissions. These areas will prioritize non-motorized and electric modes of transportation, including walking, biking, and electrified transit. The initiative aims to enhance urban livability, promote active transportation, and reduce environmental impact, making Seattle's streets healthier and more accessible for all residents and visitors. 


Seattle’s Healthy Streets initiative has been a welcome addition to many neighborhoods, providing outdoor spaces for residents. Responding to the strong demand, Mayor Harrell signed an Executive Order on Transportation & Climate Change in 2022, affirming Seattle’s commitment to making 20 miles of Healthy Streets permanent. These streets prioritize pedestrian safety, encourage cycling, and create vibrant community spaces. 

In 2023, the US Department of Transportation invested $1.2 million in Seattle’s research and planning to implement three new low pollution neighborhoods by 2028. OSE plans on continuing to engage with residents in communities heavily impacted by pollution, flooding, extreme heat, and other climate change issues. 

Arial image of Seattle intersection with a park and pedestrian walk ways

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