Low Res

Low Res is a series of brief artist residencies on the Waterfront, asking artists across multiple disciplines to respond to the site. Low Res is a project of Waterfront Seattle and the Office of Arts & Culture.

Photo by Canh Nguyen.

Canh Nguyen

Canh Nguyen received his BFA in Photography from Cornish College of the Arts in 2012. He was director of cinematography for Even the Walls, a documentary on the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, the nation's first integrated public housing project. For his Low Res portfolio, shot in early 2015, he focused on the wet winter landscapes of Pier 62/63 and its surroundings, reflecting blue-gray skies off of puddles and Elliott Bay. An occasional figure, such as a gull or a solitary person, centers the solitude and quiet of these scenes.

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Photo by Alice Wheeler.

Alice Wheeler

Alice Wheeler has been shooting Seattle people and landscapes since the 1980s. Her photography of figures in the punk and grunge scenes are canonical Seattle portraits. For her Low Res project she shot cityscapes at dawn and dusk, contrasting the modern piers and marinas with Belltown views which preserve aspects of that neighborhood's tougher past.


Photo by Eirik Johnson.

Eirik Johnson

Johnson is a photographer and teacher with a long interest in Northwest landscapes and economies. His Sawdust Mountain, exploring the timber industry, showed at the Henry Art Gallery 2009-2010. He shot the waterfront from a kayak, showing seawall construction, the existing piers, the viaduct, and the cityscape beyond pressed into a single plain combining long history with the waterfront's current transformation.


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