Seattle Center Sculpture Walk 2015

Seattle Center Sculpture Walk, features artists Kathryn Abarbanel, Alex Anderson, J. Adam Brinson, Eva Funderburgh, Kait Rhoads, Timea Tihanyi, and Jennifer Zwick who were selected to design and develop a series of temporary artworks to enliven the Seattle Center Campus with color, whimsy and surprise. The temporary artworks range from site specific sculptural installations to community engagement sessions.

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Kait Rhoads, Wandering Diatoms

Kait describes her work Wandering Diatoms by saying "These scale morphed phytoplankton (planktos, the Greek word meaning wanderer or drifter) have appeared in the trees to remind us of their life sustaining powers of oxygen production, similar to the trees, but more ephemeral in their life span and sensitivity to environmental imbalance. As people walk past the work, they will look up and discover this incongruous sight of this microalgae out of the water."

J. Adam Brinson, Tense Balance

Adam, a graphic designer, was inspired by line, color and shape to transform the façade of the Fischer Pavillion, with a colorful geometric pattern. The artwork, Tense Balance, is also illuminated by LED lights in the evening.

Eva Funderburgh, Mental Habitat

Mental Habitat is a playful installation of creatures made of colored chicken wire on the top of the Seattle Center armory.

Timea Tihanyi, Dar Uma Palavra: Give a Word, Take a Word

Timea is continuing a project she started in Brazil called Dar Uma Palavra ( Give a Word, Take a Word.) he project asks participants to give a word in their native language and to exchange it with the artist or a stranger. The artwork is about language, culture and communication. There will be four interactive performances.

Project dates/locations:
Saturday, September 5 1-3pm (during Bumbershoot; in Poetry Garden)
Sunday, October 11 1-3pm (during Antique Bookfair; in Poetry Garden)
Sunday, November 1 1-3pm (during Dia de Muertos; in Poetry Garden)
Sunday, December 6 1-3pm (during Winterfest; in the Armory)

Jennifer Zwick, Here I Am

Jennifer's artwork Here I am a whimsical photo opportunity where oddly isolated parts comically emerging from the backdrop.

Alex Anderson, Canopy

Alex, inspired the trees on the Seattle Center campus created Canopy, abstract wooden artwork that frames the columns in Founder's Court.

Kathryn Abarbanel, Untitled

Kathryn has created to sculptural forms on the columns in Founders court that mimic the gestures of trees and dancers.

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