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Apply for a public art commission

See what calls for public art are currently open and sign up to receive information about future calls.

Apply for a studio residency award

Offering creatives of all disciplines, at all stages in their careers, time and space in our onsite studio to encourage [...]

Do something at King Street Station

The format is open: performance, screenings, exhibitions, whatever! All creative mediums are welcome.

Find art spaces

Looking for rehearsal, studio or gallery space in Seattle?

Funding for capital projects

Grants for facility renovation like ADA access or new facility projects for Seattle arts, heritage, cultural and arts [...]

Funding for community events in parks

Activate eligible Seattle parks in underserved and economically constrained areas of the city.

Funding for festivals and community events

Supporting Seattle's neighborhood arts councils and community groups that produce events to promote arts and cultural [...]

Funding for Seattle artists

Grants for Seattle-based individual artists to develop and present their work. Focuses on different disciplines in [...]

Funding for Seattle organizations

Three-year grants for Seattle arts and cultural organizations, investing in the broad cultural community and helping [...]

Funding for youth arts programs

Making a difference in the lives of Seattle middle and high school youth by providing arts education beyond the regular [...]

Hold your event at LHPAI

A historic landmark cultural facility in the heart of the Central Area neighborhood of Seattle.

Nominate for the Mayor's Arts Awards

The Mayor's Arts Awards signify the excellence embedded in Seattle’s arts and cultural fabric, recognizing and [...]

Small grants

Encouraging innovation and widening cultural participation, particularly by individuals, organizations and communities [...]

View or join the teaching artist roster

A vetted list of teaching artists and community arts and culture organizations approved to work in Seattle Public [...]

Visualize cultural space in Seattle

Cataloguing every square foot of cultural space in Seattle with this interactive mapping tool.

Arts & Culture

Gülgün Kayim, Director
Address: 303 S. Jackson Street, Top Floor, Seattle, WA , 98104
Mailing Address: PO Box 94748, Seattle, WA , 98124-4748
Phone: (206) 684-7171
Fax: (206) 684-7172

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The Office of Arts & Culture promotes the value of arts and culture in, and of, communities throughout Seattle. It strives to ensure that a wide range of high-quality artistic experiences are available to everyone, encourage artist-friendly arts and cultural policy.