Space Cowrie and Perceiver/Perception

Tammy Dupuis Places Between

Boundaries: wood, canvas, paper, acrylic paint, vinyl, and steel art installation

Places Between

November 2, 2023 - January 6, 2024

Tammie Dupuis explores the intersections of her heritage as an Indigenous and Western European person in her exhibition, Places Between. Using both Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of making and seeing, her work spans several different processes and materials including paper, wood, textiles, glass beads, bone, hair, teeth, canvas, relief print, stamp, and paint. Places Between features over 30 works that explore ideas of visibility/invisibility of the Indigenous body and how it affects her personal visual identity, spiritual recognition/non-recognition of place and family, and didactic work of the reservation system and other assimilationist policies.

About Tammie Dupuis

Tammie Dupuis was born and raised in Northwestern Montana, on the Flathead Reservation. Her father was Qlispe’a and Seli’š and her mother was the daughter of non-Indigenous settlers who moved to the reservation in the 1920s. Her aesthetic is situated between these two cultural heritages and explores their complicated history as well as her own identity as a mixed heritage person. Tammie earned her MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. Additionally, she holds a BS in Anthropology/Archaeology from Montana State University. She and her art practice are in Bremerton, WA.

Header image: Boudnaries, Tammy Dupuis, Wood, canvas, paper, acrylic paing, vinyl, and steel 
Selfie photo: Tammie Dupuis

Eymah Nuzhat's Perceiver/Perception

Photo of rapper and singer Amine seated in a corner of a room on the floor

Make It. Make Sense.

November 2, 2023 - January 6, 2024

Make It. Make Sense. is a collection of photos based around artist Antoine Fougere’s childhood and imagination. The installation will feature approximately 20 works including digital and film photographs and video artworks. Fougere’s goal is for the artworks to spark a conversation with one another and help inspire his community to continue to create.  Each photo in this series explores themes/stories/emotions of loneliness, exploration, and actualization that all come down to eventually finding one’s way. I hope this collection invites you to explore your passions and be confident in what you put out into the universe.

About Antoine Fougere

Antoine Fougere is a photographer and filmmaker based in Seattle, Washington. Antoine spent his late teens shooting portraits and journalistic work and eventually ended up transitioning into more editorial/concert work. His work is heavily influenced by unique color palettes and creating conceptual work that opposes the norm. Antoine brings a unique perspective to the viewer’s eyes that sparks a conversation.

Image: Photo of singer and rapper Amine, Antoine Fougere

What to Expect

Space Cowrie includes 2D work, textiles, and video exploring the impact of and response to the traumas created by the historical institution of American slavery within the African Diaspora. Themes include the fracture of communal bonds, the fragmentation of identity and community, the struggle for survival, the search for safety and sanctuary, grief, death and connecting with the dead, the exploration of desire, and the finding of connection, belonging, and well-being.

Perceiver/Perception consists of abstract 2D works depicting the stories of victims of sexual violence. Each work is labeled with quotes from the victim. Themes include rape, attempts to silence the victim, and the impact of sexual violence on the victim’s psyche.  

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