About Councilmember Tanya Woo

Councilmember Tanya Woo with community in the Chinatown / International District

Council position: 8 - Citywide
In office since: 2024 
Current term: January 2024 - November 2024

Tanya Woo's family immigrated to Seattle in 1887. She grew up on Beacon Hill, worked at her family business in the Chinatown International District, and currently resides in Rainier Beach. She believes in empowering communities and ensuring that every voice is heard.

Tanya aims to uplift the voices of her fellow residents. She understands the challenges of rising housing costs and is committed to advocating for fair housing policies. Leading the renovation of her family's building, the Louisa Hotel, Tanya has firsthand experience in providing space for small businesses and workforce housing. She is dedicated to finding effective solutions for Seattle's most rent-burdened residents, ensuring that people can both work and live in the city, and that seniors can comfortably age in place.

Listening to and amplifying marginalized voices, including the unhoused, is a priority for Tanya. She advocates for proper housing and services to support those in need, striving to make the streets safer for everyone. Tanya's community involvement, such as her regular Community Watch patrols, demonstrates her commitment to creating a secure environment for all residents.

Tanya's advocacy against government discrimination in the Chinatown International District has underscored the importance of holding those in power accountable and addressing systemic racism. She believes in rectifying the injustices caused by historical segregation, redlining, and racist policies.

Acknowledging the underserved status of her community, Tanya emphasizes the need for elected leaders who prioritize people over political interests. By collaborating to address these challenges, she envisions safer and more affordable neighborhoods for all. Tanya Woo is determined to translate words into action and transform challenges into solutions.