Values of the District 2 Office

These values guide Councilmember Tammy J. Morales and the District 2 Office: repairing the harm; democratizing wealth, power and resources; and planning for the seventh generation.

Repairing the harm

Fix the damage done to communities in District 2 through:

  • Full and free access to education, healthcare, and childcare
  • Ensuring access and democratic control over food sources, housing and land
  • Pushing for public school curriculums that critically examine political, social and economic impacts of colonialism and slavery
  • Funding to build, preserve, and restore cultural assets and sacred sites
  • Healing the community through restorative justice

Democratizing wealth, power, and resources

Build sustainable, thriving and resilient communities through:

  • Investment in poverty alleviation and democratizing ownership of land through community land trusts
  • Anchor institutions that train and hire and create from communities they serve and create family wage union jobs.
  • Investing in black, latino, native, and immigrant owned worker coops to meet community needs facilitated through a public bank
  • Expanding and strengthening the Democracy Vouchers program and pushing for full public funding of elections to democratize political power
  • Progressive restructuring of taxation to raise revenue more equitably
  • Democratic control over community owned assets and natural resources while honoring and respecting the rights of indigenous communities
  • Democratic control over law enforcement agencies to ensure that communities affected the most by police brutality have the power to hire and fire officers, determine disciplinary actions, control budget and policies and subpoena relevant agencies

Planning for the seventh generation

Our current climate crisis is a result of production and consumption behaviours that destroy the planet. We must strive to meet our current needs without stealing the health and rights of future generations by:

  • Restoring land, clean air, and clean water for communities that have been bearing the brunt of our climate and environmental crisis
  • Stewarding the implementation of recently passed Seattle Green New Deal in collaboration with frontline organization and impacted communities