Tribal Relations

The Tribal Relations Director is responsible for government-to-government consultation and coordination between area tribes and the City of Seattle. The City is situated amongst the traditional homelands of several tribes, and we work with tribal nations on a variety of issues across City Departments. The City partners with tribes on cultural and natural resource protection, fish and wildlife habitat, and other major projects. The Tribal Relations Director works collaboratively with both City officials and Tribal leadership and staff to ensure that tribal sovereignty and treaty rights are recognized throughout the many City projects that concern tribal interests.

The Tribal Relations Director also works with the large urban American Indian and Alaska Native population and the many organizations representing the constituency, helping to connect them to key staff and departments on issues facing the Urban Indian community in Seattle.  

City of Seattle | Tribal Nations Summit 2023

The inaugural City of Seattle Tribal Nations Summit took place on May 2, 2023. It is the first time in the City of Seattle’s history that it has convened an official government-to-government meeting of City elected leaders and senior officials with multiple federally recognized Tribes in the state of Washington. Participants identified 23 initial actions that better uphold the sovereignty and treaty rights of Tribes, build partnerships, and enhance diplomacy.     

The Tribal Nations Summit 2023 | Summary Report shares historical and political context around the event, key themes and shared expectations, and commitments the City made to strengthen its relationships with Tribal Nations and better serve Tribal and urban Native communities.

We thank the elected Tribal and urban Native leaders and staff who shared their wisdom, guidance, and instruction with City leadership and staff. 

Read the report:

City of Seattle - Tribal Nations Summary Report

Intergovernmental Relations

Mina Hashemi, Interim Director
Address: 600 4th Ave, 5th Floor, Seattle, WA, 98124
Mailing Address: PO Box 94746, Seattle, WA, 98124-4746
Phone: (206) 684-0213

The mission and purpose of the Office of Intergovernmental Relations (OIR) is to provide advice and information to, and on behalf of, elected officials, City departments, and external customers.