Limbe, Cameroon

Sister City since 1984

The Seattle-Limbe Sister City Association  has organized exchanges, humanitarian projects and trips, furnished books and magazines to the Limbe Public Library, secured pharmaceuticals for the Limbe Clinic, organized a bike tour led by Seattle residents and hosted visitors from Cameroon. SLSCA was awarded the Sister Cities International Award for program revitalization in 1989. Currently, the Seattle-Limbe Sister City Association is working with the government of Limbe to improve Senior Center Services in Limbe. SLSCA works with a variety of organizations in the Seattle community to create feminine care kits for school girls in Cameroon. In January 2016, a delegation of 10 SLSCA members carried 1,200 kits for girls in Cameroon. In December, 16 delegates will take 1,500 kits and will train women there to create the kits for sale and distribution. 

The Atlantic port city of Limbe, formerly known as Victoria, is on the southwest coast of the Republic of Cameroon (West/Central Africa) and has a population of 84,000. Limbe is located on a beautiful bay against the backdrop of a major mountain range. Cameroon is world famous for its tea and agriculture production and Limbe is the center of its oil industry. Two hundred and thirty languages are spoken in Cameroon and both English and French are the national languages.

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Seattle-Limbe SCA President LueRachelle Brim-Atkins

Council Liaison:
Councilmember Rob Saka


Intergovernmental Relations

Mina Hashemi, Interim Director
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