Chongqing, China

Sister City since 1983

The Seattle-Chongqing Sister City Association has conducted over 200 exchanges in education, the arts, government, trade, medicine and science since establishing sister city ties in 1983. The Woodland Park Zoo and the University of Washington's Burke Museum have ongoing affiliations and exchanges with sister institutions in Chongqing. Seattle's Sealth High School is paired with Chongqing's Nankai School, and the two schools have jointly conducted an environmental exchange program focused on water quality The Seattle Chinese Garden, a five-acre traditional garden of pavilions, pagodas, ponds, and lush greenery, celebrates Seattle and Chongqing's strong friendship.

Known as "The Mountain City," Chongqing is the commercial, industrial and transportation hub of Southwest China. It is a key inland port located on the Yangtze River in mountainous Sichuan Province. The core city of 6 million people is the industrial and commercial hub for the Municipality of Chongqing, a province-level jurisdiction about the size of Maine that extends eastward to the fabled Three Gorges of the Yangtze and encompasses a population of 32 million. In addition to its rapidly developing industries, Chongqing takes pride in its many universities and technical schools, including the renowned Sichuan Fine Arts Academy.

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