Towing Complaints: Police-Authorized Tows

If your car was towed from a public street, or was towed for any other Seattle Police Department matter, you can:

  • Request a hearing.
  • File a complaint about the towing service.

For cars towed from private property in Seattle, see towing complaints: private property tows.

Request a hearing for a police-authorized impound

If you received a parking or traffic ticket from the Seattle Police Department and your car was towed, you can request a hearing to contest the impound. The registered owner of the vehicle can request an impound hearing at the Seattle Municipal Court.

For non-ticketed police-authorized impounds, you are able to request a hearing with the Seattle Municipal Court by completing the "Registered Tow Truck Operator Impounded Vehicle Hearing Request" provided by the tow truck company. Non-ticketed impounds are authorized by the police for situations such as stolen or abandoned vehicle recoveries or for investigation evidence holds.

File a complaint about the towing service

Use the button below to file a complaint about police-authorized towing. Complaints can be filed regarding:

  • Vehicle damage.
  • Vehicle release process.
  • Towing employee courtesy.
  • Towing charges.
  • Items stolen from the vehicle.

For more information about towing charges, see max towing fees: police-authorized impounds.