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Any special event that takes place partially or wholly within City of Seattle park property, must also obtain a Parks Use Permit from Seattle Parks and Recreation. 

Seattle Parks and Recreation manages a 6,200-acre park system of 400+ parks and extensive natural areas. Parks provide athletic fields, tennis courts, play areas, specialty gardens, and more than 25 miles of boulevards and more than 120 miles of trails. The system comprises about 11% of the City's land area. Parks also manages many facilities, including 26 community centers,  ten swimming pools (two outdoor and eight indoor), four environmental learning centers, two small craft centers, four golf courses, an outdoor stadium, and much more.

A permit is required to reserve a playfield, facility, stage or performing arts area, or to use a park for a gathering. Use permits allow Seattle Parks to prevent conflicts, make necessary preparations such as heating, lighting, etc. and to provide personnel and facilities such as garbage cans and lavatories, and to avoid overuse of facilities.

Any special event that takes place partially or wholly within City of Seattle park property, must obtain a Parks Use Permit from Seattle Parks and Recreation. Many events in parks require a Park Use Permit only and do not require a Special Event Permit. You need a Park Use Permit AND a Special Event Permit if ANY of these apply:

  • You are selling alcohol (at a beer garden, bar, etc.) in a Park OR
  • You need Police services, such as for security or traffic control OR
  • Event includes public street use OR
  • Event will have a substantial impact on the park or surrounding neighborhood OR
  • Event will have outdoor amplified sound after hours (10:00 PM to 7:00 AM weekdays or 10:00pm to 9:00am weekends) OR
  • Event will require the provision of substantial public services.

Seattle Park Use Permit Application

Park Use Permit Application

Seattle Parks are scheduled on a yearly rolling calendar. Completed applications are accepted for review beginning on the first day of each month. Proposed dates can be up to one year in advance.

Seattle Parks Use Permit Fees

Parks and Recreation charges hourly fees for using a park or facility separately from the Special Event Permit fees. You may also be charged for use of certain amenities, such as electrical or water hookup, or table or shelter use. There are additional fees associated with commercial activity in a park, including promotional signage, advertising, and concession or merchandise sales.

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The City of Seattle plays a strong role in helping event planners bring people together safely and successfully in both city-wide and neighborhood events.