Garfield Super Block

Review Status

On February 16, 2023 we reviewed the Garfield Super Block Project at 30% schematic.  The SDC voted 7 to 0 to approve. The Commission sees that the proposal changes and improvements they recommended will help better define the architectural features of the comfort station, a potential range of uses for the parkour area, and enhancing how the loop is used and accessed. The Commission is also interested in how project phasing, based on incremental funding, will affect project delivery. We will review the project again at the design development phase (60% design phase).

Project Description

The Garfield Super Block is located within the heart of the Central Area neighborhood on a city block bound by Cherry St, Alder St., 23rd Ave, and 25th Ave.  The block includes several community, civic & cultural, and educational amenities such as the Garfield Community Center, Garfield Playfield, Medgar Evars Pool, Quincy Jones Performing Arts Center, and Garfield High School.  The current design proposal, which focuses on the redesign of the park and adjacent programming located on the northern portion of the block, was developed out of a community led process that was initiated in 2005.  In 2005 the community planned for the development of a legacy promenade to highlight the rich cultural diversity and history of the Central Area. The plan, which was never realized, was placed on hold until starting back up in 2014-2015 in an initiative led by the Garfield Super Block Coalition.  In 2019, The Coalition received City funding to develop a concept design for the project.  The updated design proposal will expand the original promenade idea to include a cultural loop that wraps around the park (highlighted by a red line in the plan), highlight entrances/gateways & connections, and to renovate park elements to better meet needs of community.

February 16, 2023 Meeting

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