Forest Trailhead Exhibit WPZ

Review Status

On June 1, 2023 we reviewed the schematic phase (60% design) for the Forest Trailhead Exhibit project. At this meeting, we voted to approve the schematic design and provided several recommendations. The project will be reviewed again at the design development (90%) phase.

Project Description

Woodland Park Zoo is proposing to redevelop a 1.2-acre site within the Zoo’s gated area for a new exhibit – Forest Trailhead. Until 2016, the site was the location of the Zoo’s Day and Night Exhibits. The structure housing those exhibits suffered significant fire damage and is no longer operable. The new Forest Trailhead exhibit will expand Woodland Park Zoo’s efforts to highlight global conservation. It will include a pavilion housing conservation and habitat galleries, and an indoor plaza. Landscape zones with trails will surround the new building. The site is located just east of the West Entrance and the Penguin Exhibit, along the main loop trail.

June 1, 2023 Meeting

May 5, 2022 Meeting

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