Seattle City Council Members

The City Council is the legislative authority for the City and makes all of its laws, subject to the initiative and referendum powers of the people as established by City Charter. In addition, the City Council has the authority to amend and approve the City's budget. Any candidate for City Council must be a citizen of the United States, a qualified elector of the State of Washington, and a registered voter of the City of Seattle at the time of filing his/her declaration of candidacy.

Seattle was first incorporated as a town by an act of the Territorial Legislature on January 14, 1865. The act was repealed January 18, 1867, after most of the town's leading citizens petitioned for its dissolution. During its first tenure as an incorporated entity, Seattle was governed by a Board of Trustees. Seattle was again incorporated, this time as a City, on December 2, 1869.

Current City Council 2020

2020 Seattle City Council

Left to right: Alex Pedersen, Debora Juarez, Kshama Sawant, Andrew Lewis, M. Lorena González, Lisa Herbold, Dan Strauss, Teresa Mosqueda, Tammy Morales

The Common Council under the First City Charter

The Ward System is Established

First Home Rule Charter and the Bicameral City Council

The 1896 Charter and Return to a Unicameral City Council

End of the Ward System and Start of Non-Partisan Elections

A New Charter and Creation of Four-Year Terms

District Elections Begin