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July 2024 - Brainwashing

A North Seattle resident wrote the following letter to Mayor Braman and the City Council in 1968:


Thank you for all you are doing to make Seattle and our surrounding territory a safe place to live.

We want to tell you that you have our support.

The men our bureaucracy have forced to go to Vietnam and then marched over the brink were entitled to Life, Liberty and the right to pursue happiness. They are fighting to guarantee them to these revolutionaries but they can’t do it alone.

Why not do a little brainwashing on them – the criminals and trouble makers – after your arrest them? Make them listen to the truth about our country and the dream that is America? They are being exploited and if successful will not have what they now have here. They will have nothing but SLAVERY. A lot of brainwashing to open their eyes and minds to the TRUTH and our American ideals is long overdue.

Can’t the Panthers and others be CONVERTED? Why not? Aren’t we as smart as the BETRAYERS and DESTROYERS?

We must have God on our side and His Guidance or we can’t win.

Doris Hammond

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