Tina Walha


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Tina is passionate about solving problems and get to put that energy to work every day in Seattle city government. She has over ten years of executive experience in the public sector and has a Master of Public Affairs degree from the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs. After working with public sector clients in a consulting capacity, Tina transitioned into local government to fill a desire to be more engaged in implementation and stewardship. First as a policy advisor in New York City and now as Director of Innovation & Performance in Seattle, Tina is a firm believer that if you want to make change at scale, government is the place to be. When Tina isn't thinking about the next data and design problem to tackle, you can find her exploring Seattle's parks with her family.


Madeliene Hernandez

Project Lead

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In my experience working in nonprofits, I quickly learned that many of the systems at play that impacted the families and students I was working with were designed by local, state and federal government. I felt that the greatest impact I could make through my career was through working for local government in hopes of reshaping systems and policies so that our residents have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive in the city of Seattle. In my short time at the City, my favorite project so far has been working with our City directors to develop a roadmap of how we can reimagine our city to be more inclusive and equitable post-pandemic. Working across the City departments was a great way to get a crash course of how city government works and was so inspiring to hear all the ideas our City leaders and staff had for how we could do our work better.

My work largely focuses on project management and strategy development and I hope that it is a discipline that more prevalent in local government in the next 5 years! I truly believe how we operate internally is directly reflected in the way we operate externally and I think having more strong project management and strategy development in our internal operations could make a real, positive impact on how effective we are at driving changes for our most vulnerable residents.


Michael Wypyszinski

Senior Data Engineer

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Mike is an IT professional focusing on data engineering, automation, and analytics. He has been working with data, databases, and data warehouses for over 20 years and is a graduate of 7 University of Washington Extension Certificate programs covering a wide range of disciplines.

Mike chose to work for the City of Seattle because it is an opportunity to effect real, positive change for people and an opportunity to be part of something bigger than himself.When Mike isn't thinking about the next data engineering solution to tackle, you can find him playing games - board games, tabletop roleplaying games, wargames, etc. on the computer or in person with friends.

Ken Wong

Data Analyst/Data Engineer

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Paige St. George

Team Coordinator

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Paige went to Washington State University and has a Bachelor's degree in Education and a Master's degree in Human Development. She began her professional career in education and community mental health before transitioning to information technology as an ERP Business Process Analyst. After 12 years working from home and raising her family, Paige joined the i-team in 2015 to support them in all things administrative, and continues this role for the IP team.


Rachael Cicero

Civic Designer

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Rachael spent over six years managing design and engineering work at companies such as Twitter and Seattle-based design consultancy, Artefact. Rachael's decision to transition into design was prompted by her desire to not simply facilitate the development of human-centered technologies but to be on the frontlines, researching and designing them. When she's not thinking of the next design challenge to tackle, Rachael is most likely out hiking with her dog, Sully, or hunting down good vegan food and fancy coffee. Rachael holds a Master's in Human Centered Design and Engineering from the University of Washington.


Leah Tivoli

Partnerships Lead

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Leah has over 10 years of public sector expearience. She is passionate about multisector partnerships and governance based on data and evidence. Leah is particularly proud of her recent collaboration across public, non-profit, private, and academic partners to design and scale high-throughput, low-barrier COVID-19 testing sites that have served over 400,000 people. Outside of work, Leah loves mountaineering, sailing, and other outdoor pursuits. Leah holds an undergraduate degree from McGill University and Master's degrees in Public Health and Public Administration from the University of Washington.

Elise Kalstad

Partnerships Lead

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Elise Kalstad serves in a temporary role with the Innovation and Performance team as the Partnerships Lead. In this role, she works to bridge the gap between resident needs and City programs while partnering with local organizations to spur innovation.  Elise has experience in community healthcare and local government-leading quality improvement, risk management and patient advisory programs. She enjoys using data to drive improvements that have direct impacts on residents and most recently led Seattle IT's performance management program. Elise earned her undergraduate degrees in Political Science and Germanics and her Master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington.

Skills: Data analytics, continuous process improvement, strategic planning

Paulina Deschamps-Ramirez

Project Manager

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