Policy and Positions

The City's technology advisory board has taken a number of policy positions on information and communication technology issues.  They have provided recommendations to the City of Seattle as well as the Federal Communications Commission and others.  Here are some of the letters, filings and position papers from the Board's work. 

  1. Surveillance Ordinance Group 4b Request for Clarification from CTAB Privacy & Cybersecurity Committee (June 14, 2022) Link to memo
  2. 2019 Report and comment on the Technology Access and Adoption Survey and additional needs
  3. 2019 Surveillance Ordinance Group 2 Public Comment. (March, 2019) Link to public comment
  4. 2018 Comment submitted to the Washington Transportation Commission on the 2040 and Beyond Transportation Plan. (September, 2018) Link to public comment
  5. 2017 Statement submitted to the Federal Communications Commission regarding its "Restoring Internet Freedom" proceeding.(July, 2017) Link to statement
  6. 2017 Position statement memo concerning desired public and consumer benefits for Wave franchise renewal. (June, 2017) Link to memo
  7. 2017 Sign on to the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights letter to the Federal Communications Commission urging reconsideration of the hold placed on certifying broadband provider eligible to offer low income Lifeline subsidy  Link to letter (Approved March 2017, also see minutes)
  8. 2015 Comments to the Federal Communications Commission in support of Lifeline modernization to include broadband for low income residents.Link to statement (Approved by CTAB 8/11/15)
  9. 2015 Low-Income Internet Access - needs, elements of quality programs, and policy.Link to statement (Approved by CTAB 3/10/15)
  10. 2015 Elimination of the Cable Franchise Districts from the Cable Code Link to statement (Approved by CTAB 3/10/15)
  11. 2015 Net Neutrality position statement Link to statement (Approved by CTAB 1/13/15)
  12. 2014 Broadband and Fiber Position: Letter to the Mayor following failure of Gigabit Squared fiber project.  Link to letter  This is also in the January minutes.
  13. Cable franchise renewal with Comcast community needs assessment (Currently underway for 2013-15) See Broadband & Cable Committee and City Cable Office site
  14. 2013 to SDOT and the Mayor concerning broadband deployment, CenturyLink and rules governing placement of telecommunications cabinets  Link to the Board's letter and the Mayor's response to the letter
  15. 2013 Technology Matching Fund community grants project recommendations link
  16. 2012 CTAB recommendation to City Council in support of the city leasing of excess fiber (CB117487 excess fiber ordinance)  link 
  17. 2012 letter to the FCC supporting diversity in media and expansion of Low Power FM (LPFM) licenses for community radio  link or see filing on FCC site
  18. 2011 memo on franchise fund use supporting the Technology Matching Fund and public access television services  link
  19. 2010 CTAB Position Regarding Broadband for Seattle   link
  20. Computer recycling and refurbishing: 2009 Statement to the state on rules governing computer recycling. link
  21. 2001 position supporting Western Integrated Networks' (WIN) application for a cable franchise in Seattle  link

Community Technology Advisory Board

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Mailing Address: Suite 2700, P.O. Box 94709, Seattle, WA , 98124-4709
Phone: (206) 308-3192

The Community Technology Advisory Board (CTAB) was established in 1995 by Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 21.60.060.