Business Taxes

Your business does not owe general business and occupation (B&O) tax if you had annual income of less than $100,000. But you still must file and report that to the City, even if you had no activity. Seattle businesses that file their city taxes annually now have until April 30 each year to file returns and submit payments due. The due date for annual filers will remain April 30 going forward.

The Seattle business license tax is applied to the gross revenue that businesses earn. It is sometimes called the Seattle business and occupation tax (B&O tax) or gross receipts tax. Depending on your situation, filing your Seattle taxes may be relatively simple or fairly complex.

If you need to file a 2021 annual tax return and have revenue that is below the $100,000 threshold, you can use this tax form. The Seattle business license tax is not the same as the Washington state B&O tax. You must file your Seattle taxes separately from your state taxes. To learn more about the state B&O tax, visit the Washington State Department of Revenue.

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