October is Adopt-a-Dog-Month and we’re highlighting some of our favorite pups in the care of our fabulous pet foster parents. One of these dynamic dogs could be your new best friend. For Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) staff and their foster parents [...]
The Seattle Animal Shelter (SAS) seeks “volunteeroes” to help with a variety of care for the more than 3,000 animals cared for at the Shelter each year. Volunteer positions as a shelter helper or dog walker require just two hours per week for six [...]
The Seattle area is expected to reach temperatures up to 100 degrees or more this weekend and pets are especially vulnerable in high heat. To help protect our furry friends, the Seattle Animal Shelter is providing the following tips to keep your pet [...]
by Melissa Mixon Animal protection and adoption professionals know that social equity plays a role in their work. For example, adoption requirements may eliminate people from marginalized groups if they require home ownership, a fenced yard, or a [...]