OIG Reports

Published Reports

Report Types

OIG written products fall into several main categories:

  • Annual Work Plans and Reports - OIG produces an annual work plan at the beginning of each year and an annual report at the end of each year. The work plan changes throughout the year in order to accommodate unforeseen priorities that come to the attention of OIG. The year 2019 marked the first full year of operation for OIG. 
  • Audit and Non-Audit Reports - OIG audits are the primary mechanism by which OIG assesses SPD performance. OIG audit staff also perform non-audit reviews which may not rise to the level of a full audit.
  • Closed Case Summaries - In cases where there is a potential conflict of interest, the OPA Director will refer them to OIG for classification and complaint handling, such as a Supervisor Action, investigation, or alternative resolution. Closed Case Summaries are the results of OIG investigations in conflict of interest cases.
  • OPA Oversight Reports - Review of OPA case handling is the primary mechanism by which OIG assesses OPA performance. OIG reviews how OPA handles allegations of police misconduct, including how OPA classifies the case for potential investigation and whether the cases that are investigated are objective, thorough, and complete. Case summaries are available on the OPA web site. OIG also reviews trends and patterns in OPA case handling; this analysis is summarized in the OIG annual report each year and guides OIG recommendations for OPA system improvements.
  • Policy Reports - OIG provides input to SPD on its policies and processes, with an eye towards helping SPD apply methods that have a sound basis in science and address community concerns. Other outside accountability resources can be found on the Other resources link to the left of this page.
  • Memoranda - OIG also issues memoranda that may contain recommendations. This work may not necessarily have an associated audit or report.