Mayor Harrell speaking with community members at Garfield safety forum

What Does Community Safety Mean to You?

Mayor Harrell is developing a One Seattle Safety Framework based on the feedback and experiences of our residents and community. The City will host a total of five neighborhood forums as we co-create a future where everyone, in every neighborhood, is safe and feels secure.

The public is invited to provide feedback on the key themes through community conversations at upcoming community safety forums:

  1. Southwest, Concord Elementary School, 5/14, 6-7:30pm, sign up here.
  2. West, Queen Anne Community Center, 5/16, 6-7:30pm, sign up here.

The Safety Framework will build on six key strategies

  1. Reduce gun violence and other violent crime with evidence-based solutions and enforcement strategies.
  2. Respond to 9-1-1 calls efficiently and effectively by hiring more officers and diversifying response options.
  3. Address the root causes and impacts of violence by investing in community-based solutions and upstream interventions.
  4. Prioritize a public health and trauma-informed approach to reduce overdoses, reduce violence, and better support victims and survivors.
  5. Coordinate community safety efforts to avoid duplication and inefficiencies by breaking down silos between departments.
  6. Build and maintain community trust through strong accountability systems and community engagement on law enforcement priorities

The Mayor’s Office will be collecting feedback from residents at the forums to help refine our comprehensive frame with detailed approaches for the above strategies. A final version of the framework including a summary of community feedback will be released later in summer 2024.

The first citywide public safety forum with Mayor Harrell was held on March 14, 2024, at the Seattle Central Library, you can watch a recording of that forum on Seattle Channel’s website.

Neighborhood forums already happened in: East Seattle at Garfield High School on4/30; South Seattle at Rainier Beach Community Center on 5/7, and North Seattle at Bitter Lake Community Center on 5/9.

Seattle Police Department staff meeting with community members at safety forum

Seattle Fire Department staff meeting with community members at safety forum

Seattle Park Rangers staff meeting with community members at safety forum

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