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Getting Back to the Basics of Good Governance

The City is investing our Seattle Rescue Plan (SRP) funds ­– nearly $300 million – transparently, responsibly, and equitably, with a focus on getting back to the basics of good governance. The SRP Transparency Portal allows residents to track our spending of federal pandemic assistance and learn more about programs.

View SRP Transparency Portal

Federal funds provided a critical lifeline to help residents during the pandemic, and in One Seattle we are committed to spending them transparently, responsibly, and equitably.” – Mayor Bruce Harrell

Seattle Rescue Plan spending is focused on five priority areas residents can explore in the Transparency Portal:  

  1. Housing & Homelessness ($100.5M) 
  2. Community Well-being & Reopening Services ($67M)
  3. Supporting City Workers & Services ($78.1M)
  4. Community & Small Business Recovery ($51M)
  5. Community Safety & Mental Health ($5.4M) 

Seattle’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is on the right track thanks to critical federal support and the Seattle Rescue Plan. We are making lasting improvements for our residents – particularly our BIPOC and other underrepresented communities – through targeted investments to reach those who were hit hardest by the pandemic. Many of these programs are already under way, some will continue to support our residents and communities for years to come. 

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See more highlights and information on the SRP Transparency Portal.

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