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Jimi Hendrix Official Gravesite Memorial: Greenwood Memorial Park, 350 Monroe Ave. NE, Renton, WA.
Jimi Hendrix Memorial
This majestic domed memorial was the brainchild of the great guitarist's father, Al Hendrix, to provide fans with a proper setting in which to pay tribute. The project took years to complete. Al died in 2002, and now rests beside his son, whose remains were moved here in 2003.

Parker's Ballroom: 17001 Aurora Ave. N.

This 1930s hall drew crowds throughout the big band days and during the 1960s "Louie Louie" era - when the Dynamics cut their classic live album there. The hall was recast later as the Aquarius Tavern, which played a role in launching the band Heart.

Spanish Castle Ballroom: NW corner of Pacific Highway S. & Des Moines Way.

On this site stood the fabled 1931 hall that featured big bands, country combos, and pioneering locals like The Frantics, The Sonics, and The Wailers. One fan, Jimi Hendrix, was inspired to write his "Spanish Castle Magic" in tribute.

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