Archived Decisions

Hearing Examiner decisions from 1975 to 1989 (below) are available for download; they are not searchable. The decisions are zip archived by case type and within each case type, are organized by year.

Hearing Examiner decisions from 1990 to the present are maintained by the City Clerk and are available online from the Clerk’s Office or through Hearing Examiner Decisions.

Decisions 1975-1989

Click on the Case Type to download the file.

B & O Taxes - Zip Archive

Council Files- Zip Archive

Development Standards Departure - Zip Archive

Downtown Housing Maintenance - Zip Archive

Floating Homes - Zip Archive

Grading and Drainage - Zip Archive

Housing - Zip Archive

Interpretation - Zip Archive

Landmarks - Zip Archive

Master Use Permit - Zip Archive

Pike Place Market - Zip Archive

SEPA - Zip Archive

Special Review Districts - Zip Archive