Contractor Guide

Contractor Submittals

Project submittals are processed electronically using Unifier, an electronic document management system. Contractors receive one or two license(s) and training to send, comment upon, and receive responses to submittals in accordance with section 1-05.3 of the project manual.

Frequently used submittal forms:

Submittal resources for contractors:

Contractor Payments

Frequently Used Forms:

  • Prevailing Wage Certification and Subcontractor List (docx) - For the Final Certification, the contractor must check the final box and use amounts to day for the prompt pay subcontractors. The Prevailing Wage Certification and Subcontractor List can be used on both the 2014 and 2011 Spec contracts.
  • Project Labor List (xls) - Contractor required to submit for themselves and their subcontractors before the company commences force account work

Cost Estimating Guide

Cost Estimating Guide (pdf) (for reference only)
Cost Estimating Template (xltx) (for reference only)
We will provide the most recent version of the Cost Estimating Guide and all templates when your contract with the City is approved.

This guide provides templates and step-by-step directions for preparing project cost estimates. You may need to supplement the guide with professional construction cost estimating expertise to develop high-quality project estimates, especially on large or complex projects.

If you have any questions about the Cost Estimating Guide, please email