Affordable Connectivity Program (Formerly the EBB)

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program is changing to the Affordable Connectivity Program

EBB to ACP Transition Logo

Need help with Internet costs? The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a national, U.S. government program to help low-income households pay for internet service and internet connected devices. The ACP is replacing the Emergency Broadband Benefit program.  Households can now apply for the program by visiting

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What happens to the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program and those already on the EBB? 

  • The EBB Program is transitioning to the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The EBB Program officially ended on December 30, 2021. as the ACP program started. There is a transition period until March 31, 2022. 
  • Most of those who now have the EBB benefit will be able to transition to the new ACP program.
  • A great benefit of this new ACP transition is that program funding has been approved for 5 years.   

Who is eligible for the ACP benefit? 

  • Lower-income residents (below 200% of federal poverty level) or who are receiving public benefits such as free school lunch, WIC/SNAP, Pell grants, subsidized housing, Medicaid. Lifeline users also qualify. 
  • Find out of you qualify here: 

How to apply for the ACP?

  • Getting the ACP benefit requires one or two steps: (1) confirming eligibility and (2) signing up with the internet provider to apply the subsidy.
  • Some internet providers with a low-income program allow direct ACP sign-up; others will require the federal ACP eligibility sign-up first.
    • In the Seattle area, Comcast Internet Essentials customers can apply directly through Comcast.  PCs for People and Human I-T also allow direct sign up.
  • See more on how to apply at

Other Questions on the ACP? 

More information on the new ACP will be posted as it becomes available. 

Seattle Area Service providers

Click here to find other participating mobile internet service providers in the area.

Home Internet Providers:  

Mobile Internet Providers

Providers with on-going low-income internet discount programs:

Home internet providers:

Mobile internet providers:

There are also other mobile service providers that are on the EBB. Look here to see whether your current provider is on the program:

It is important to remember the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is designed to support internet service so if your current mobile phone provider does not also give you a good internet connectivity data plan, we recommend you look at another service provider options. 

*Ziply does not offer service in Seattle but is a service provider in other parts of King County