2018 Technology Matching Fund Projects

Community Passageways

Technology Equity for Young Adults of Color

Establish a computer lab in Rainier Beach, focusing on high-need African American, East African, and justice-involved youth, ages 13 to 24. Offer digital literacy workshops in four critical areas, navigating adulthood, getting a job, succeeding in school, and using art to tell personal stories.

Award: $18,351

East African Community Services

2018 Technology Matching Fund

Expand the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) enrichment program to engage and empower 40 East African girls with strong critical thinking and digital literacy skills so they are ready to pursue opportunities in higher education and jobs in high-demand technical fields.

Award: $46,482

Garinagu HounGua

Garifuna Digital Literacy Workshop Series

Provide digital literacy workshops to members of the Garifuna and other Latin American/Caribbean communities. Participants will gain skills in hardware, software, typing, accessing the Internet, using email, social media, Microsoft Office and earn a refurbished computer upon completion of the workshop series.

Award: $50,000

Helping Link

Mobile Computer and iPad Literacy Lab

Upgrade the aging computer lab in Little Saigon serving the Vietnamese community. Build staff capacity to provide a mobile lab, offering classes in partnership with two affordable housing developers, the Interim Community Development Association and Low Income Housing Institute.

Award: $43,416

Literacy Source

Open Doors - Increasing Basic Digital Literacy

Expand basic digital literacy classes to serve more adults with low literacy and/or low levels of English proficiency at the Lake City Learning Center. Provide additional workshops to support very beginning learners in the evenings at the Center and throughout the year with Ready to Work partners, Neighborhood House in West Seattle and ACRS in the Rainier Valley.

Award: $32,379

Millionair Club Charity

Computer Lab Expansion/Update

Expand and update a heavily-used computer lab in order to stay in pace with the growing needs of the Supportive Employment Program. Provide job readiness programs, resume help, certifications, and other employment support to adult men and women, who are low­ income, unskilled, homeless, and needing work.

Award: $30,000


Adaptive Technology for Children with Disabilities

Establish an Assistive Technology Lab, specifically designed to meet the needs of children and youth with disabilities under age 18. Additionally, create a mobile Assistive Technology lab that will include laptops, tablets, portable gaming systems, and adaptive hardware to provide therapeutic support and adaptive solutions to children who receive services out in the community. Host provider trainings.

Award: $26,982

Seattle Neighborhood Group

Building Our Bridge: Crossing the Digital Divide

Implement a resident-led initiative to increase access to technology resources, computer skills and digital literacy for residents in Seattle Housing Authority’s large family communities. The project will mirror other mobile lab projects conducted in Seattle Housing Authority communities for persons who are elderly and/or disabled that have been successful.

Award: $25,168

Somali Family Safety Task Force

2018 Digital Literacy in West Seattle

Expand the current digital literacy program in New Holly to offer training for East African women living in West Seattle. Provide culturally-appropriate classes in partnership with the Seattle Public Library to help women gain technology skills to earn a living wage, become more engaged in their children’s education, and lesson isolation and stress.

Award: $25,200

South East Effective Development

Technology Builds Community

Implement a computer center at the Dakota Family Apartments in Southeast Seattle. Provide 10 computers for resident use, offering assisted lab time and computer training for 500 low-income seniors, adults, and children.

Award: $18,269

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

Broadband and Public Computer/Internet Access

Build out broadband capabilities to extend to the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center. Update the outmoded technology infrastructure at the center to improve internet access and deliver a series of digital literacy workshops to serve the diverse, Native American community.

Award: $33,813


Employment Technology Supports for Homeless Youth

Replace end-of-life hardware and install additional equipment, software, and connectivity infrastructure at YouthCare’s five residential sites and three multi-service agencies to provide youth and young adults experiencing homelessness with educational and employment support. 

Award: $49,940