Lowman Beach Racket Court Design

Updated: August 19, 2021

Summer 2021

The third of three meetings to explore the feasibility of providing a new racket court at Lowman Beach Park was held on June 29, 2021. Thank you to the 54 people who attended. As you are aware, the current single tennis court at Lowman Beach will be removed as part of the Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) Shoreline Restoration and Seawall Replacement project to be constructed late this year. For this reason, the South Seattle Complex Foundation applied for NMF funding and hired HBB Landscape Architects to prepare a study and lead the public engagement to discover if a tennis court (or other racket sports) could be added to the park. There is no SPR funding for the construction of any new courts. SPR reviewed the three options presented at the second meeting (see presentation below) and held this meeting to inform the community SPR supports either adding a pickleball court or having no change other than the new Sewall Replacement and Beach Restoration project. A new tennis court was will not be supported. Most of the people at the meeting understood that adding a court to the center of the open space (the only area large enough) would significantly impact the feeling of the park. Many people were glad that we were encouraging leaving the space green and open, and a large contingent of pickleball players were happy to see that that a pickleball option would be supported. Moving the pickleball project forward is contingent on community outreach, community fundraising and detailed design. During the community outreach time for this planning process, SPR was able to work out an agreement with the Seattle School District to open six tennis courts at the Southwest Athletic Complex.

As part of the community meeting, this pickleball court estimate #1 was presented. The community had questions regarding the cost and requested a more basic estimate with only the essential elements. The first estimate (#1) includes all amenities and features discussed during the public process ($450,000), and the second (alternate) estimate reduces elements focusing on the pickleball courts and accessibility only ($300,000). This alternate estimate removes the furnishings, some concrete paving, removes resurfacing of existing swings, and replaces all planting/irrigation with seeding.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the two online surveys and the three virtual meetings. You can review presentations, videos, survey results, and other documents from all of these below. 

The Lowman Beach Park seawall began to fail in 2015 and needs to be addressed. As visitors to the park have seen, the existing seawall is slowly falling over/sliding towards the water. SPR's goal is to remove the existing seawall and continue the shoreline restoration work that began when the south half of the seawall failed in the mid-1990s and was removed.


Lowman Beach Park, 7017 Beach Drive SW, 98136


Funding for the planning and design of the racket court is provided by the Department of Neighborhood Matching Fund.

Project Description  

At Lowman Beach Park, the existing court will be removed as part of the Lowman Beach Park Seawall project. The community has come together to explore options to install a racket court because the existing one needs to be removed as part of the seawall restoration project.

Community Participation

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