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For Housing Levy funded properties only


The Seattle Office of Housing monitors the City's investments in affordable multifamily rental housing, including annual reviews of reports submitted by our borrowers. With these annual reports, borrowers demonstrate compliance with the terms and conditions of the City's investment, including but not limited to: income and household size of tenant households; rents in effect for affordable units; annual occupancy rate; insurance requirements; fiscal health/financial statements; reserve accounts; management plans; capital needs assessments; household demographics; fair housing issues; and, neighborhood concerns. OH also conducts routine site inspections of properties to ensure compliance.

Please note this page applies only to properties funded through the Seattle Housing Levy.  For properties that participate in the Multifamily Tax Exemption (MFTE) and/or Incentive Zoning program(s) that do not have funding through the Housing Levy, more information on annual reporting requirements can be found on the MFTE/IZ Compliance page.

In 2000, major Washington public funders began to collaborate on project compliance, asset management and property inspection issues. The group named themselves the Monitoring Coordination Taskforce (MCT) and agreed to combine efforts that would streamline administration in the following areas: Joint On-Site Inspections, Standardized Reporting Forms, Asset Management Oversight, Contract Changes and Workouts, Transfers of Ownership, Management Changes and Joint Training Workshops. Inspections were coordinated among funders and a Combined Funders Annual Report (Excel) was implemented. Property owners could submit the same report to all funders who had an investment in the project. The end results have been better communication and reduced administrative work for public funders and reduced redundancy for the housing owners and managers.

In 2009, the reporting process evolved into the next generation through the introduction of the Web-Based Annual Reporting System (WBARS). The funders believed an Internet-based tool was the logical next step to meet needs of both funders and property owners/managers in today's electronic world. WBARS is a comprehensive reporting system that tracks compliance monitoring requirements, in addition to being an asset management tool shared by the combined funders. WBARS continues to help the MCT group share resources, staff and expertise to streamline and prevent duplication of effort, share information and maximize oversight leverage.

All annual report information must be submitted via the new Web Based Annual Reporting System (WBARS).Please visit the Washington State Housing Finance Commission's WBARS website for additional information, including upcoming WBARS trainings and XML Import instructions for users uploading data from internal compliance software systems to WBARS.

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