Urban Forest Management Plan

The Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP) provides a long term vision for increasing tree canopy cover (the percent of the city covered by trees as seen in an aerial view) and the many environmental, social, and economic benefits associated with trees in urban areas. The Plan is implemented through actions ranging from tree care to tree giveaways.

In order to meet the outcomes of this plan, seven overarching strategies were developed that represent a comprehensive approach to mobilizing informed and effective action. These strategies were used to develop the specific actions included in the action agenda.

  1. Consider the needs of environmental justice priority communities in all urban forestry actions.
  2. Identify and implement management actions that increase the urban forest’s resilience to potential impacts, including climate change.
  3. Understand the condition and complexity of the urban forest resource, how it was different in the past and how it may change in the future.
  4. Coordinate communication, cooperation, and decisions within the City and with other agencies.
  5. Inspire, inform, and work with the community to help care for Seattle’s urban forest.
  6. Preserve, restore, and enhance the urban forest on City property and rights-of-way.
  7. Provide support to the community, via incentives and regulations, for keeping, removing, replacing, and planting trees.

To learn more about the UFMP and other forestry programs, visit the Trees for Seattle website

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