Our Best


Launched in 2017, Our Best is the City of Seattle's inaugural effort aimed at expanding opportunity and improving life outcomes of young Black men and boys. Our Best is a call to systemic action to support community-based solutions and align City strategies, resources, and decision-making around Our Best outcome areas. The launch of Our Best affirmed the City's signatory on national movements like Cities United, My Brother's Keeper (MBK), and the Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) while boldly declaring the need to address the systemic barriers faced by young Black men and boys as a citywide priority.


Improve life outcomes for young Black men and boys through policy leadership, system changes and strategic investments in education, health, safety, economic mobility and positive connections to caring adults.


By 2040 Black men and boys are thriving, living with dignity and reaching their fullest potential by accessing Greater Seattle's robust landscape of opportunities.


Our Best aims to drive positive impact in the lives of young Black men and boys in five strategic areas:

  • Education - Increased rates of on-time high school graduation and postsecondary attainment by age 18.
  • Positive Connections to Caring Adults - Increased social capital and intergenerational networking, fellowship and diverse mentoring opportunities.
  • Economic Mobility - Increased rates of living wage full-time employment, technical skill development and entrepreneurship pathway opportunities by age 25.
  • Safety - Decreased contact with law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Health - Increased well-being (i.e., physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and decreased exposure to toxic stress.

For more information on Our Best, contact education@seattle.gov.


  • Campaign for Black Male Achievement