Deaf and Lanugage Services

Deaf and Language Services

Note: Callers using TTY equipment must dial 911 to reach police, fire, and emergency medical assistance.

Accessibility Services (Deaf, Hard of Hearing)

  • In Seattle, deaf and hard of hearing callers can text 911.
  • To assist hard of hearing callers, each 911 call taker station in the Seattle Community Safety and Communications Center is equipped with a teletypewriter (TTY) machine.
  • Each Call Taker is trained in the procedures to answer these calls.
  • Frequent test calls are done to assure that Call Takers maintain their TTY skills.

Interpreter Services

  • Call Takers have immediate access to language interpreters who can assist them in communicating with callers who do not speak English.
  • The 911 call taker will connect you to a language Interpreter, and will coordinate their assistance.

To access interpreter services:

  • Call 911 and in English, state that this is an emergency (either fire or medical) and what language (or dialect) you speak.
  • The Call Taker will conference the call with an interpreter.
  • Let the Call Taker control the conversation and the interpreter to translate the language.
  • If possible, tell the Call Taker as soon as possible if your emergency is police, fire or emergency medical.

911 Center

Reba L. Gonzales, Interim Director
Mailing Address: PO Box 94607, Seattle, WA, 98124-6907
Phone: (206) 625-5011 (For non-emergencies)
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