Report Bias Incidents

Report Bias Incidents Here

Xenophobia and racism disrupt the safety and resilience of our communities by misdirecting fear and anger toward people, instead of the root causes of harm. This can result in bias or hate incidents targeting neighbors, businesses, or communities.

We all play a role in creating communities free of hate, bias, and exclusion. It is important for us to understand what bias is and what to do if we experience or witness an act of bias. A bias incident is any incident that is directed at you because of your race, religion, gender and/or gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, age, creed, and more. It can include things like:

  • Racial, ethnic, or sexist slurs 
  • Intimidation and cyberbullying
  • Telling jokes based on stereotypes
  • Xenophobic or racist graffiti or images 

If you experience or witness an act of bias, report it to the Seattle Office for Civil Rights' Anti-Bias hotline at (206) 233-7100. You can also use our online bias incident reporting tool. Reporting is easy and can be done anonymously.

Physical violence, property damage or threats may be a violation of criminal law and can be reported directly to the police by calling 911.  

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