Seattle Promise

What is the Seattle Promise Scholars Program?

Seattle Promise is the City of Seattle's college tuition and student success program designed to provide the financial support and personal guidance needed to thrive in college. The program is open to all Seattle public high school graduates regardless of grade point average (GPA), income or country of birth.  For more information about the Seattle Promise Program and eligibility, 
check out this page! 

In addition to college tuition, the City of Seattle ORCA Opportunity Program provides Seattle Promise Scholars with a free, unlimited use ORCA card while enrolled in the program.   

How Can I receive My Promise Scholars ORCA Card?

2022-2023 School Year

If you are 19 or older and did not receive a Promise Scholars ORCA card at your college orientation, please fill out our Promise Scholars ORCA card application form

If you are 18 or younger you are eligible to take transit for free under the recently passed Move Ahead Washington transportation package. Please continue to use your ORCA Youth card that you received in high school regardless of the expiration date printed on the back. SDOT will mail you your Promise Scholars ORCA card at the beginning of the month before your birthday. Once you receive your Promise Scholars ORCA card you may dispose of your ORCA Youth card.

If you do not have an ORCA Youth card and/or you did not inform the TAP team of your birth month during your college orientation, please fill out our Promise Scholars ORCA card application form here.

Frequently Asked Questions

I lost/damaged my ORCA card. What should I do? 

If you have a lost/ damaged card or any additional questions, please email or call/text (206) 256-6722. All replacement cards will be issued at no cost. 

How do I use my new ORCA card? 

For more information about how to use your new ORCA Card, please reference our new digital handout! It also includes information about where you can use your new card and tips to help you navigate public transportation across the region.

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Text/Call: (206) 256-6722