7.120 - Narcotics Evidence

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to all sworn employees submitting narcotics evidence.

1. Sworn Employees Package Evidence under the Evidence Packaging and Submission Guide

2. Sworn Employees Refer to the Guide to Estimating Drug Net Weights When Packaging Narcotics Evidence

Sworn employees will record the estimated weight of packaging material in the General Offense Report and Certification of Probable Cause.

If the sworn employee places the narcotics in additional packaging, the narcotics are weighed before being placed in additional packaging.

If the sworn employee removes the narcotics from the original packaging and the packaging is not in the narcotics envelope, the narcotics is weighed without the packaging.

3. Employees Investigate Found Narcotics and Found Narcotics Paraphernalia

Employees recovering found narcotics without a known suspect will complete a Report and complete a  Property Release Supplement then submit the narcotics to the Evidence Unit.