7.040 - Dangerous or Hazardous Evidence

Effective Date: 05/07/2019


This policy applies to all employees who encounter dangerous or hazardous evidence.

1. Employees Encountering Suspected Explosive Evidence Follow 15.015 – Bomb Threats & Explosive Devices

Officers will not bring .50 caliber or larger ammunition to the Evidence Unit. 

  • Officers will contact the Bomb Squad (phone #4-8980)for .50 caliber or larger ammunition submitted as evidence.  If this type of ammunition is submitted by a member of the public for destruction, officers will contact the Evidence Unit (phone #4-8730) and the SPD Range (phone #4-7470) to secure destruction. 

2. Employees Screen Suspected Dangerous or Hazardous Evidence With the Evidence Unit

Employees will contact the Evidence Unit (phone# 4-8730, 0600-1800 Mon-Fri) prior to submitting suspected dangerous or hazardous evidence during business hours. During off-hours, employees may contact Communications (phone# 4-8640) for the Evidence on-call person.

The Evidence Unit will initiate a Haz-Mat response or Bomb Threat response if an employee brings unscreened suspected dangerous or hazardous material to the Evidence Unit.