5.130 - Supervisor/Employee Relationships

Effective Date: 03/01/2018

This manual section applies to all employees.

5.130 POL

1. Family and Relationships Defined

For purposes of this policy, the following terms will apply:

Family Relationship – The relationship between an employee and his or her:

- Spouse or domestic partner,

- Children and step-children,

- Parents, stepparents and parents-in-law,

- Grandparents and grandparents-in-law,

- Siblings and siblings-in-law,

- Aunts and uncles,

Personal Relationship – A relationship involving employees who are dating, engaged in a sexual or romantic relationship, or cohabitating.

Subordinate – An employee who is subject to the temporary or ongoing direct or indirect authority of a supervisor.

Supervisor – An employee who has temporary or ongoing direct or indirect authority over the actions, decisions, evaluation and/or performance of a subordinate employee.

2. The Department Will Avoid Placing Employees in Certain Assignments When There is a Family or Personal Relationship

The Seattle Police Department will not knowingly place employees with a family or personal relationship in a supervisor/subordinate assignment.

The Department will not place employees in assignments where it is reasonable that the family or personal relationship interest between the employees could interfere with the interests of the Department.

3. Employees Must Report the Development of Personal Supervisor/Subordinate Relationships

Supervisors and subordinates who develop a personal or family relationship with each other during the course of employment shall report the relationship to the Human Resources lieutenant.

If the Department determines there is a reasonable possibility of a conflict of interest, or that the relationship could interfere with the interests of the Department, one of the involved employees will be transferred to another position. Applicable collective bargaining agreements will govern the transfer.