4.005 - Police Employee Data System (PEDS)

Effective Date: 4/14/2014


This policy applies to sworn and non-sworn employees.

1. Employees Information is Updated in PEDS

Employees or their supervisor will update PEDS within two weeks of changing:

  • Callout information
  • Work phone numbers
  • Court code
  • “Acting” status
  • Emergency contact phone number
  • Residential address
  • Computer network/drive/application access
  • Case management queue access

Note: Employees will call the Benefits Unit in Human Resources Section (684-0963) to update PEDS within two weeks of changing their legal name.

See PEDS User Guide

2. Captains, Directors and Managers Manage Employee PEDS Within Their Command

Captains, directors and managers will assign administrative personnel to check the accuracy of employee PEDS information within their command and update as needed.

3. Employees Provide Their Current Residential Address and Personal Phone Number

Employees will maintain a cell phone or telephone landline in their residence. 

Employees will provide their current residential address and telephone number through PEDS.

Employees may use a post office box as their mailing address but will also provide their residential address.